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 Electric Folding Scooter DI BLASI Mod. R70


Electric Folding Scooter DI BLASI Mod. R70
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It folds in 4 seconds.
It unfolds in 4 seconds.


The mod R70 folding moped is powered by an electric motor powered by a battery. The maximum speed is 40 km/h; its range 62 km measured in realistic condition of use.

The frame of mod. R70 takes advantage of the experience made with the production of all the models produced since 1974. Its basic structure is still made as articulated quadrilaterals linked each other. This structure distinguish all DI BLASI vehicles and allows their folding and unfolding in a very easy and a very quick way. However in the mod. R70 this structure is completed by a new (patented) mechanism which allows, when folding the moped, to pull back the front fork automatically. Therefore this mechanism allows, on the one hand, to reduce the sizes of the folded moped to only 69 x 36 x 63(h) cm, on the other hand to increase the length of the unfolded moped (wheelbase 97,5 cm). This last feature increases ride comfort and stability of the moped.

The mass of mod. R70 is 36,2 kg (including the battery) but, in order to lift the moped more easily, its mass can be reduced to only 24,7 kg simply by removing the battery, which takes only one second.

The battery LiFePO4 which equips the mod. R70 is the best battery which the today technology offers for electric traction purposes. It is the most expensive element of the moped and therefore it is right to give about it some more information.

LiFePO4 batteries are much more expensive than lead (Pb) batteries which equip many of the common electric mopeds. However, compared to lead batteries, the LiFePO4 batteries offer the following advantages:

  • A LiFePO4 battery can store at least 4 times more of energy than a lead battery having the same weight:

    • Battery LiFePO4 ...... 100 Wh / Kg

    • Battery Pb............... 25 Wh / Kg

  • A LiFePO4 battery can store about 3 times more of energy than a lead battery having the same volume:

    • Battery LiFePO4 ...... 172 Wh / dm3

    • Battery Pb............... 64 Wh / dm3

  • For a typical use on a moped the charge capacity (Ah) of a lead battery drops to about 80% of the original capacity after about 250 charging and discharging cycles (cycles life) while the charge capacity of an LiFePO4 battery is still 95% of the original charge capacity after 1000 cycles et about 80% after 2000 cycles. It is to be observed that 2000 cycles correspond to a run of the moped of about 100.000 km.

These features make the cost per kilometre of a moped equipped with LiFePO4 battery cheaper than that of a moped equipped with lead battery and make LiFePO4 battery an essential element for quality mopeds, in particular for folding mopeds.

Therefore, when considering the price of mod. R70 and comparing it with that of the other electric mopeds, it is necessary to consider the above element of evaluation in addition, of course, to that of the greater complexity of the frame.

The advantages of mod. R70 are evident:

  • Its traction by electric motor is much more simple than that of mopeds powered by explosion motors. Therefore mod. R70 needs only very small maintenance. This is very important especially if the moped is used for professional purposes.
  • Its use is very simple also for persons who usually do not drive two wheel vehicles.
  • It does not produce any bad smell and it has not overheating elements which could disturb people or damage the place where the moped is stored when folded.
  • In several countries, the authorities offer fiscal advantages and financing when purchasing electric vehicles.
  • Often, the electric vehicles can be driven in area which are closed to the normal motorized traffic.

The folding moped mod. 70 is then ideal for use as auxiliary vehicle in conjunction with cars, boats, camping-car, aircrafts, etc. It is indispensable for some additional services offered by renting cars companies (like delivery or collection of cars to their customers or equipment of their cars with as tender vehicle) and in general for all those services which can be described as "Designated Drivers Services" and that can be economically and easily fulfilled with a moped to be carried in the boot of the car.

On demand, the moped mod. R70 can be equipped with a rear carrier (26 x 39 cm) which folds automatically together with the moped and which does not increase its dimensions when it is folded

Another useful accessory is the carrying case where it is possible to keep the moped when folded.

All technical information are summarized in the page «Specifications».

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Electric Folding Scooter DI BLASI Mod. R70

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