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 Electric Folding Tricycle DI BLASI Mod. R34


Electric Folding Tricycle DI BLASI Mod. R34
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Folding tricycle with pedals and auxiliary electric motor

The pedal tricycle mod. R34 fits the same frame than the tricycle mod. R32 but fits also an electric auxiliary motor which allows to pedal without efforts when going uphill, with contrary wind, etc.

The use of the auxiliary motor is very simple: just switch on the switch placed on the handlebar and pedal. The motor is active only when pedals turn: the output of the motor comes down when increasing the speed of pedals.

To pedal without the aid of the motor, just switch off the switch.

Folding and unfolding the mod. R34 is as simple and quick as for the mod. R32: the only difference is that it is necessary also to remove or install the battery pack, but this is carried out in few seconds in a very simple way. Also the dimensions of mod. R34 when folded and when unfolded are the same than those of the mod. R32.

The tricycle R34 fits the same equipment and has the same accessories of the R32.

The mod. R34 fits a Litium battery pack which is much lighter than a lead battery pack of the same capacity. Furthermore Litium batteries are much more reliable because their use does not need any special care also thanks to an electronic control device of charge and discharge.

The main features of the R34 which makes it different from the R32 are:

  • Engine: 24V - 250 W
  • Total weight of the tricycle (including the batteries): 27,5 kg
  • Litium battery pack: 24V - 9 Ah ; weight 2,35 kg
  • Range on flat road: more than 20 km

All data are published in the "Specifications" page.

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Electric Folding Tricycle DI BLASI Mod. R34

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