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  Lo scooter che mi ha cambiato la vita
Immagine inviata daVolevo ringraziare, assolutamente la Di Blasi industriale per il bellissimo prodotto che mi ha cambiato la vita, Vi invio una foto ripresa da video di rai3 regionale del Friuli-venezia giulia di oggi 5 luglio in occasione della pedonalizzazione di alcune vie del centro di Trieste. Visibile anche sul sito del tg regionale del friuli venezia-giulia . R30 Veramente un gran prodotto. Grazie ancora

Gianfranco Toscano - Italia
5 Luglio 2014

  folding mopeds

I recently aquired two of your folding mopeds, out of the two I have one on the road now, get's loads of attention around the island and even offers to buy it from me.  Being the only one here I expect a lot of interest during the TT festival soon.  I wish I had some to sell because they would fly off the shelf here.  Brilliant little bike and so small I store it in the boot of my taxi leaving loads of room for luggage. 

Pat Ayres - Ramsey, Isle of Man
19 Aprile 2012



6 Febbraio 2012

  I went to volunteer DiBlasi using earthquake.
Immagine inviata daI went to volunteer DiBlasi using earthquake.

The combination of solar power and electric DiBlasi, may be useful in the disaster area.

To our friends around the world
Thank you for your assistance to Japan.

This is our blog. Japanese.

n!o - Japan
9 Aprile 2011

  I am like a child with my new toy

Mr. Carmelo Di Blasi,
I am so pleased to inform you that my tricycle arrived this afternoon.  I want to congratulate you, your father and your brother for this ingenious design, I am like a child with my new toy.
I was always afraid of falling and was never able to learn to ride a bicycle, and I have a small house where it is hard to store a normal size velocipede, so Di Blasi has allowed me to enjoy both the pleasure of bicycle riding and with a model I can easily store and transport.  GRAZIE MILLE !!!


My sincere thanks
Warmest Regards

L. R. - Portugal
14 Dicembre 2009

  Folding-bikes make heads turn
Dear Sirs,

My wife and I have been sailing in our 10m yacht, ********. for the last three years around Italy. Marinas are often "out of town" and waiting for transport can be frustrating. Fortunately our travels have been revolutionised by the acquisition of two DiBlasi folding bikes. We can now enjoy the many wonders and sites that Italy has to offer.

I should also point out that the bikes attract considerable attention and admiration wherever we go-so locking-up is important!

The bikes fit comfortably in our boat, never rust and are light enough for us to carry.

Many thanks for providing us with such excellent transport!

M. & A. C.
18 Ottobre 2009

  Velo pliable DI BLASI

Pour moi, DI BLASI est le n° 1   (après avoir pu comparer avec d'autres marques connues)   

J'ai définitivement choisi DI BLASI depuis 1990 en vélo pliable pour ses nombreuses qualités :

- poids,  gabarit, facilité et simplicité d'utilisation, solidité, stabilité, robustesse de la chaîne de pédalage, porte-bagage arrière pouvant recevoir un panier métallique ou certains objets à transporter, rapidité de pliage en 3 clic il est transportable et sans se salir !

Je l'utilise - comme une "prolongation de mes jambes" - c'est à dire pratiquement tous les jours et dans un maximum de circonstances :

 pratique il s'adapte facilement à de nombreux endroits, sur un escalier roulant (en un clic il se met à dimension), aller voir des amis par avion ou train (permet plus d'autonome sur place et aussi de faire d'agréables promenades sans dépendre des transports en commun) etc. faire du vélo est également bon pour le coeur.

Comparé à un vélo pliable d'une autre marque connue que j'avais acheté auparavant, (problème de pédalier à vitesses dont les réparations ont coûté cher et ne marche toujours pas) j'ai sélectionné DI BLASI . J'en suis à mon 3ème vélo DI BLASI. Ils m'ont tous les 3 été volés malgré les cadenas ! c'est énervant.

Compliments et bravo DI BLASI. Je passerai au Salon du Cycle à Porte de Versailles.

O.R.- Paris  (france)


REBUZZI - France
2 Ottobre 2009

  A great confidence booster

We collected an R32 for my wife this week July 2009. What a great piece of engineering.

My wife has rhumatoid arthritis in hands and arms feet and ankles and has difficulty in walking, this little piece of engineering

has really improved her mobility and given her another way of life. (we are in our three score + years so its never to late to start)

Thanks Di Blasi

31 Luglio 2009

  Le fate troppo belle!
Egr. Sig. Di Blasi,
delle tre bici R4 di vostra produzione me ne hanno rubate due (le fate troppo belle!) e
temo che anche l'unica rimasta ....sia a rischio.
Una la comprai d'occasione,  mentre mi trovavavo di passaggio a Roma,  da un Vostro
concessionario che ....

A. B. - Italia
12 Giugno 2009

  Thanks for selling me a Di Blasi tricycle

Dear Brian,

I am writing you to express my deep felt thanks for selling me a Di Blasi tricycle which I absolutely adore. It was the fact that it was so suitable being foldable and transportable that first captured my attention, coupled along with the colour choice of grey for me, looked stylish as well as its shape. I love the fact that it is not overly big and chunky like the typical tricycles that are on the market today, as that has always put me off even the idea of purchasing a tricycle.

When I had spoken to you, I had expressed that my motivation in purchasing the di blasi tricycle was because my goal which has been for over a year ago now, was to get fit while riding to and from work. This was so that I would not have to keep relying on buses and trains, as driving and parking would not be practical for me.

In January 2008 I had learnt to ride on a two wheeled bicycle, Within that year I had only gotten onto my bike three times and was still not confident at all as I would walk my bike to my local park and I would only start and stop and make my way part way around the park only if there was some one accompanying me.

Now to date, I am much more confident than I was a year ago, no longer limited to my local park as I go virtually everywhere on my tricycle, to the supermarket, visiting family.  I have also achieved part of my goal so far which is cycling part way to work.  I still relying on public transport at the moment but that soon will to be eradicated by summer time 2009.

Thank you again

Yours Sincerely

S. H. - U. K.
13 Marzo 2009

  Out and about on my tricycle
Immagine inviata da

... For Stewart, having the tricycle has given him back some freedom and independence and also provides a valuable means of exercise. Getting out together is no longer stressful but totally enjoyable. We can wander off from the car without worrying about how far we go and Stew still has energy to play with the children when we arrive at our destination. When I think back to the year before we had the 'trike' and how claustrophobic we felt (especially Stewart), there is no comparison, it really has given us back quality of life.  ...

Please read the full article in MS Trust article.

Sarah White - U. K.
20 Febbraio 2009

  Tricicle specialist
Immagine inviata damissioncycles's van

Brian - U. K.
10 Febbraio 2009

  Extremely satisfied
Immagine inviata daI must say that I am extremely satisfied with the moped.
I carry it in the back seat of my airplane as can be seen from the picture, and I have had great fun riding it.
Best Regards,

Dan Akerman - Sweden
10 Febbraio 2009



Colgo l'occasione per ringraziarla per la celere collaborazione, e congratularmi per il meraviglioso articolo che avete creato, il quale dà la possibilità a mio figlio (di 8 anni) di passeggiare in completa autonomia e sicurezza.

 Distinti Saluti.

25 Luglio 2008

Immagine inviata daCiao,

mein herzlicher Dank dem genialen Konstrukteur dieses faltbaren Dreirads! Wegen einer Gehbehinderung nach einem Schädel-Hirn-Trauma ist mein Aktionsradius stark eingeschränkt. Doch mit Ihrem Dreirad bin ich seit vier Jahren wieder sehr mobil: Es hat mich nicht nur durch mehrere deutsche Städte (wie Hamburg, Dresden und München) getragen, sondern war mir auch schon auf beiden Seiten des Ärmelkanals (in Dover, Cambridge, Oxford und Saint-Malo) ein treuer Gefährte, hat in Mailand und Cremona für meine Mobilität gesorgt und unlängst (erst vor einer Woche) auch in Rom - Foto anbei.

  Herzliche Grüße

Jürgen Bauer - Norimberga, Germania
26 Maggio 2008

  Thanks heaps
With fuel over $2:00 a liter I hope you sell a heap more of the bikes as they are the best small bike on the market and while they might cost more then a bike from China or Japan they last longer go better and very simple to fix. There really is nothing on the market that can compare to these bikes for quality and design.

G. A. - New Zealand
20 Maggio 2008

  Years of excellent use
As for the trike - we are very satisfied customers. My daughter has had years of excellent use out of the R31 and we have just upgraded to an R32 as she has really worn out the old one. (hence my attempts to renew some bits and pieces so she can have a spare to use at her grandparent's house) The trikes have been an invaluable mobility aid (that's how she gets to school and back) and helped to keep her fit and although they are a bit on the heavy side, the ability to fold is brilliant. I've recommended them to several people (mainly with mobility problems) 

With best wishes

Margaret - U.K.
28 Febbraio 2008

  R7: compagno dei miei studi liceali!

Ho tuttora (anche se a riposo) un R7 del 1983, che dal 1988 al 1995 utilizzavo quasi quotidianamente come se fosse stato un qualsiasi ciclomotore!

Non saprei stabilire quanta strada abbiamo fatto insieme, ma credo proprio non meno di 25.000 km!Sorriso

Veramente un valido mezzo: secondo me sarebbe sprecato se il suo uso fosse limitato a circostanze particolari, specie considerando gli ulteriori affinamenti tecnici compiuti negli anni successivi!

I miei complimenti all'azienda (che tra l'altro ho potuto visitare personalmente l'anno scorso intorno al periodo estivo): continuate ad innovare, fedeli al vostro stile!

Francesco Fabrizio - Italia
31 Ottobre 2007

  It has changed our family life considerably.
Dear Concept Edge
I have recently purchased a Di Blasi pedal-assisted tricycle from you. I found the after sales service very impressive when I contacted Concept Edge. As I have restricted mobility due to having MS, the folding tricycle has been nothing short of amazing to our family life. We have been able to put it in the boot of the car and take it with us whereever we go. It has enabled me to keep my legs exercised through pedaling and just being out and about. I would go as far as saying that it has changed our family life considerably. I can not fault the tricycle as a result.

Many thanks

Mr S White - U.K.
12 Ottobre 2007

  My trike!
Immagine inviata da

Hi there Brian,

I cannot but praise Di Blasi in inventing this wonderful folding trike and yourself for selling it here in the UK.  You have enabled me to be able to be able to transport it, and be also to enjoy the delights of cycling.  Please see attached photo of me with Bella (my name for my Trike).

I'll keep you posted as to how the ride goes on Sunday.


Y. N. - UK
24 Settembre 2007

  My trike!

Hi there Brian,
I have had such fun with my trike; I gave it a good thrashing in Cornwall and did 40 miles of cycling on the Camel Trail.  Got loads of comments but no one asked for a card.  I just love my bike!

We are going up to London on Sunday, to do the cycle ride round all the closed streets that has been organised by Hovis.

Should be a good laugh!


Y. N. - UK
21 Settembre 2007

  Di Blasi Discovery!
I have recently bought an old 30ft sailing yacht - and I was pleasantly surprised to find a little folding Di Blasi bike in the Engine room!
I was a little skeptical at first - small wheels etc
But - I totally love it now! Fantastic little machine!
Cheers - I shall be in touch over maybe a new one + spare parts!

Captain of Dromengro - UK/France
17 Settembre 2007

  I m too young to drive, but i like it

We have a Di Blasi for many years, 3 or 4. And today I was driving it. You have to know, im to young to drive it, but I love this feeling. Your motorcicle is greatT


Greetings from Germany! 


Paul M. - Deutschland
27 Luglio 2007

  From Spain to Brindisi on R7

My Father had the Di Blasi R7 on our 32 foot sail boat. we purchased the Di Blasi in 1979 in Cyprus and the most amazing thing was that my father Professor Boris Man (medical Surgeon) crossed Europe on the R7 Di Blasi from Spain to Brindisi Italy towing a two cycle luggage cart behind him! he was 78 years old at that time! in Brindisi he loaded the R7 on a Farry to Greece and continued his trip.

Now I am thinking to buy the new improved R7ES.

Michael Man - Florida USA
8 Luglio 2007

  Probably your oldest rider

I've had one of your R7 models from long before they were called that, and wouldnt be without one. Keep it on the boat all round the english canals. Many, many uses. And now I find a web spares page just as well designed as the bike. well done!

Maurice Eldridge Hertford UK

Maurice Eldridge - UK
14 Maggio 2007

  Ils sont géniaux !!!

pour faire immatriculer ce cyclomoteur, l'administration française me demande:
La date de première mise en circulation La date du 06-08-1983 à Paris est-elle la bonne?
Le certificat de conformité à un type nationnal ou communautaire fourni par le constructeurcomprenant: le genre, le type, le N° de série(17 caratères), et le N° CNIT (12 caractères)
Pouvez vous me donner ces renseignements?

Par avance merci de votre réponse Vive les Di Blasi, ils sont géniaux!!!


F. P. - France
24 Aprile 2007

  It felt fabulous
. . . My tricycle finally arrived yesterday and I love it. I was unable to unfold it myself and had to wait for my son to come last night - he did it so quickly I couldn't believe it. (I have torn tendons and muscles in my shoulders which I damaged at Easter - pruning my climbing roses)! I was able to have my first ride, in the dark) and it felt fabulous.
Thankyou so much!

J. P. - New Zealand
19 Aprile 2007

  A fantastic idea
We need for a demonstration for people who have multiple sclerosis one of your bikes, a blue one. We have people coming to our area from France, Germany and Switzerland, fifty kilometers all arround Basel. Please let us know the price and conditions of delivery befor the end of april. We think that your bike is a fantastic idea.

E. H. - Germany
23 Marzo 2007

  Met een opvouwbare driewieler de wereld door!
Immagine inviata da

Ik ben Marc de Vries (46) en vanaf mijn geboorte licht spastisch.

Ondanks mijn handicap reis ik de hele wereld over met mijn driewielvouwfiets.

Door mijn lichamelijke handicap kan ik namelijk niet zo ver lopen! Maar mijn driewiel vouwfiets biedt uitkomst want die kan ik in het vliegtuig en in de bus meenemen en gebruiken tijdens excurcies.

Deze fiets wordt beschouwd als een rolstoel, je kunt die dus gratis meenemen met het vliegtuig!

Maar ook in je gehuurde auto kan je deze fiets zeer goed meenemen!

Deze fiets kan je bestellen bij Holland Bikes in Hoogwoud (

Ik reis altijd met Stichting Gehandicaptenreizen ( 

Marc de Vries - Holland
21 Marzo 2007

  Your product is a lifesaver
I have previously purchased a folding tricycle from you but it has unfortunately been stolen. I depended on it quite a bit so I am now interested in purchasing the R32. Since I am only five feet one inch tall, I think I might be better off with the junior version. Please let me know and tell me the cost and how to send the money. Thank you. Your product is a lifesaver.

S. R. - USA
31 Gennaio 2007

  Great service
Dear Sir,

I have received the wheel to-day and appreciate the "great" service of "Di Blasi".

Many thanks

I. P. - Israel
23 Novembre 2006

  A lovely ride
Just thought I would write to say that I have used my trike and had a lovely ride all along the coastal cycle path on a beautiful sunny day .What more could anyone ask for.

I would just like to say a big thank you for keeping me informed and checking everything was alright I really appreciated your care.

The bike looks great and is so much easier to ride then my previous trike. I have had some really nice comments including a class of children saying how "cool" it was.
Kind regards

M. A. - UK
11 Novembre 2006


Dear Sir

My brother who is slightly disabled and has user a tricycle before is interested in your R32 model We have always had to hire a trike as it is difficult to transport. This trike would enable us to cycle different areas where hire is not available. Could you let us know if the R32 is available from you

Thanking you

D. W. - UK
28 Settembre 2005

  Very well

Hi Brian,

Trike is now going very well we have just returned from a holiday in the peak district the cycling is superb on the old railway tracks just right for the Trike flat and smooth. Picture attached for you, taken at Carssington Derbyshire.


J. J. - UK
27 Settembre 2005

  My little yellow marvel
I bought your R31 tricycle last year, had it delivered to the US and brought it home to Canada. . . . . Yesterday I was at the bank and as usual the trike gathered a curious crowd. I have become an expert at folding and unfolding it to an admiring audience (although I am more clumsy than your model and it takes me longer). One man was talking with my sister while I was doing my banking, and he wanted to know all about it. His mother (80 years old next week) tried it out in the mall, and she wanted to buy it. I gave her your website address, but told her she could buy mine if she wanted, because I had seen the trike with 20-inch wheels and fancied that one. So they came today and picked up my trike (I would send pictures of her with it, but I don't know how to attach them to this letter--she was so happy to be able to cycle again, she can't wait to go for a long ride). Now I want to buy a yellow 20-inch-wheel trike, but how to get it here? Can I get it from you directly? . . . Otherwise I am wheeless forever. And it is biking season here and I miss my little yellow marvel already. yours truly,

C. B. - Canada
5 Agosto 2005

  DAVID (11 years old, ''... to build my own tricycle.'')
Immagine inviata da

From Fundacion Ilusiones

We knew about David through his parents, by e-mail, and we meet here at our offices on Wednesday, March 9. David has already visualized himself ridding a DI-BLASI red tricycle. Is there a better way of achieving a goal??

Talking with his parents, we realized that this vehicle will help David in his rehabilitation; it will allow him to go to the park with his family, and share with his brother Pau lots of wonderful moments. We talked to him; he understood immediately that he would have to add some personal effort to ours. He told us that he was ready to put all of his commitment and hard work to be able to sit on his tricycle.
On Thursday, March 11, David and his family visit us and bring along a wonderful piece of work. Here you have it. In addition to working fast, David has overlooked every single detail of his tricycle. He drew himself as a #1 Champion, which is exactly what he is; a warrior and winner of daily fights, with a wonderful heart and a breathtaking tenderness.
Jordi (father): "Since we meet you, all the family has shared David's ILUSION. We went through it together. Thank you!!"

Today's smile

29th .03.05
How cool!! It comes to happen that the DAVID's (11 years, " build my own tricycle.") tricycle, does not sell in Spain. We got in touch with Mr Carmelo Di Blasi, from DI BLASI INDUSTRIALE SRL in Italy. We send him the magnificent drawing that David did by e-mail. Not to days from the first contact, we knew that DI BLASI will share David's ILUSION by facilitating exceptional price conditions, and by hanging David's drawing on their web site. David is really PROUD!! On our side, we are very grateful with the generosity of our new Italian friends. THANK YOU DI BLASI!!!!

T. R. - Barcelona (Spain)
13 Aprile 2005

  It is absolutely fantastic!!

Dear Brian

The folding trike arrived at 1pm today. And it is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for sending it so quickly. I've even been out riding into town and back. Great.

Had a bit of trouble opening it up for the first time. The handlebars came up easily, but the saddle seemed stuck when I tried to lift it up. After a bit of puzzling, I read the instruction book a bit further to where it said 'if you can't fold the saddle down, turn the left wheel'. So I did that and it opened perfectly. Problem solved!

The sizing is fine. I could have done with another half-inch height, but it's ok. And a joy to be able to ride without falling off! The trike does my balancing for me . . .

Thank you again. I will recommend the trike to all of my disabled friends!

L. C. - UK
17 Febbraio 2005

  I had my Di Blasi Bike for about 17 years

Cari Signori,

I had my Di Blasi Bike for about 17 years, and I must say: it is wonderful! I can recommend it to everybody. I make quite long trips on it; 30 kms is no exception.

Viva Di Blasi!

H. G. - Holland
14 Febbraio 2005

  I am a business man from UK

I use the Diblasi folding moped on a regular basis for collection and delivery of motor cars.

I am a business man of 43 years old, . . . . I consider the Diblasi folding moped to be one of my best business tools I have purchased during 25 years of running my business. I am amazed at how such a small low cost product can save me so much time and money, it really has paid for itself in no time. I certainly believe in this product I would like to enquire as to the possibilty of being a Dibalsi dealer in Australia.

Yours sincerely

K. P. - UK
1 Febbraio 2005

  I haven't had such fun cycling in years
My trike is home and happily parked beside the Ducati--the yellows look good together, and my son really likes it; a first for anything mechanical that I ever bought without his prior approval. It took me 8 km (1 hour) to get my balance adjusted, then it was clear sailing home. I haven't had such fun cycling in years. BTW: Is the top crossbar of the carrier supposed to be split in half? The one nearest the saddle is in two pieces, but it doesn't LOOK broken, just split. Other than that, perfection! I love the bell and the dynamo--only the boys had dynamos on their bikes in my childhood.

ceb - Canada
7 Dicembre 2004

  Oggetto interessante

Tratto da: FIVL - Federazione Italiana Volo Libero 

Ciao a tutti.

Volevo segnalarvi un oggetto che può essere utile a chi deve recuperare da solo la propria auto in decollo dopo il volo.
Lo trovate a questo link:

io l'ho comprato nel Settembre scorso, ma lo potuto provare bene solo oggi ad Alassio (SV).
Dopo il volo di 600 metri di dislivello, sono risalito in decollo utilizzando questo mezzo in circa 25 minuti e senza particolari problemi.
Per chi non conosce il recupero del volo di Alassio, devo aggiungere che gli ultimi 2 Km sono di strada sterrata percorribile con difficoltà da normali auto da strada. Ebbene nonostante le esigue dimensioni delle ruote di questo mezzo, sono riuscito ad arrivare in decollo senza mai doverlo spingere.

In questo modo sono riuscito nello stesso giorno a fare due voli, recuperandomi l'auto senza l'aiuto di nessuno.

Non costa poco, ma penso che possa servire a chi va spesso a volare da solo.

A. B. - Italia
27 Novembre 2004

  Still in service 28 years later

Dear Carmelio

Thank you so much for your time and trouble. I have downloaded the information and it is exactly what I needed. I hope you take some pleasure in the knowledge that a vehicle produced by your company is still in service 28 years later. Not many manufacturers can claim that.

Thank you again

S. F. - England
22 Ottobre 2004

  If it is possible to be in love with a bike then I am

. . .

I hope you don’t mind but I want to take a little of your time to tell you just how much that bike means to me. I was forbidden from driving on Medical grounds due to bad health. So I brought a Di Blasi, which is considered a moped in New Zealand. I have owned some really nice motorbikes and Cars but the Di Blasi beats then all. I will never go back to either if I could after riding and owning a Di Blasi. Some days when I was really depressed due to being sick I would go for a ride just to get out and about. Just being able to do that cheered me up. To be able to go somewhere on my own without relying on other people to take me was great and gave me a sense of freedom I had lost.. If I was unable to get back on my own we would just put the bike in the boot of a friends car or on the bus and I would go home. That is one sweet well-designed bike if it is possible to be in love with a bike then I am. One day I want to buy a new one as I brought mine second hand and not being unable to work could not afford the $3700:00 New Zealand for a new one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply I am most grateful.

G. A. - New Zealand
19 Ottobre 2004

  A wonderful product

. . .

Thank you for your guidance in this regard.

What a wonderful product you have. Well dome.


P. J. - South Africa
21 Settembre 2004

  For the first time in her life, she was able to ride in the open on this tricycle

Thank you very much for shipping the trike and accessories so quickly. My wife went riding on this trike for the first time, on a very beautiful paved path around the Crystal Springs Lake in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been unable to balance a bike, so for the first time in her life, she was able to ride in the open on this tricycle.

She absolutely loves the tricycle! She is thrilled with it! People passing her would turn around to look and some even asked where she got this most unsual and gorgeous yellow trike! (trikes ar not commonly seen for adults here).

So thanks again!

A. R. - U.S.A.
16 Maggio 2004

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